The Nubian Advocacy Group (NAG) envisions a society where all minority community members are core participants in the socio-cultural, economic and political aspects of their wider community


To mobilize minority communities and advocate for their rights to participate in socio-cultural and development programs to usher social change that allows all community members to achieve their full potential


Our objectives are both short and long-term

  • To mobilize vulnerable minority communities and create awareness about their origin, identity, roles and rights as citizens
  • To be a voice of unity, championing causes and advocating on behalf of vulnerable and marginalized people around the world
    • Refugees and internally displaced persons
    • Widows, Orphans, persons with disabilities and vulnerable children
  • To lobby government and other organizations for development programs for vulnerable communities
    • Social cultural development programs: Cultural galas and sports activities
    • Health promotion, prevention, treatment, rehabilitation and palliation
    • Inclusive quality education and promotion of lifelong learning for all
    • Empowerment of women, girls and youth to tap available economic opportunities
  • To advocate for effective and accountable leadership and governance among minority community-based organizations