We have a dedication to fight for justice on behalf of minority communities – by empowering members to overcome conditions of marginalization or oppression and at the same time support efforts to build ladders of opportunity for vulnerable communities. Our leadership works closely with minority community leadership to identify key priorities (such as byelaws, legislation, regulation, resolutions, proposals, initiatives or political candidates etc.) that may impact (benefit or harm) minority communities and begin grass root consultations that ultimately culminate into advocacy efforts to safeguard community interests.


  • Civic Education
  • Minority representation
  • Land rights
  • Health and education for development
  • Economic inclusion and participation


  • Leadership and governance research
  • Economic policy analysis research
  • health access and quality research
  • Social and cultural rights research 


  • Matching, mentoring and coaching services
  • Individual talent development
  • Leadership skills clinic
  • Peer support and networking
  • Speakers and workshops