We believe that investing in education is the most sustainable approach to addressing poverty among marginalized minority communities. Not only will education provide members with the appropriate skills to be gainfully employed, improve health and self-confidence, they will also acquire the knowledge to begin questioning their situation. Education as a tool of lifetime enlightenment in the context of minority communities is priceless and therefore, we currently support the following institutional programs in minority communities:

Bombo Technical Institute (BTI)

 Currently, NAG partners with the community in support of Bombo Technical Institute (BTI), a registered BTVET institution located at Bombo Town Council in Luweero District, Uganda. Adapting to the job market, student expectations, and needs, BTI focuses resources on providing a non-degree pathway for vulnerable youth to the job market.

Areas of study in BTI include;

  • Motor Vehicle mechanics
  • Electrical Installation
  • Plumbing
  • Fashion and design
  • Information technology and communication
  • Hairdressing
  • Early Childhood education
  • Driving

NAG Education Fund

The NAG Education Fund (NEF) was established in 2016 with the belief that education is an undeniable right for every minority child and youth and education opportunities and practices are equitable for all. Ultimately, NEF hopes to close the gap in educational outcomes between minority children and youth and other communities by supporting policies and programs that improve the quality of education for these vulnerable populations. Currently, the NEF provides scholarships to over 40 recipients in different institutions from primary education to vocational education with students from both Uganda and South Sudan.

The NEF supports the following activities;

  • Scaling up access to quality early childhood education services 
  • Enhancing youth's access to higher education - graduate level
  • Improving youth employment through technical education and training


Academic Mentorship Program

NAG mentoring program hopes to improve student retention within academic institutions, boost academic advancement, and increase alumni engagement when tapping alumni as mentors. The program will cultivate a clear sense of identity among the youths to build their confidence and self-esteem, support goal setting and career planning, life skills development, and providing professional networking for career guidance.

  • Matching: Big brother/Big sister school programs
  • School career day programs
  • Alumni mentoring platform programs
  • Research on mentoring programs